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Check us out as we grow.. And if you party with an Astro Coleman brand name, it's gonna be a great time every time!

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When the world went into lock down. we kept the party going at home with our online Radio station, live Dj's, Zoom room karaoke & trivia. We kept people connected.

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About Astro Coleman Entertainment

Welcome To Astro Coleman Entertainment! We have been a Chicago based Entertainment company since 2016.

Serving Chicago and surrounding suburbs with:

DJ's , Karaoke, Trivia, Comedy shows & More! We stand by our saying "We Love To Party!" With our high energy staff, we bring that party vibe to whatever the event may be.


Professional Event Company

We do our best because we only hire The Best!

We only employee people who share

the same vision & values.

We Love To Party!

We love To have Fun!

We Love What We Do!

Own A Bar Or A Club?

Looking For Entertainment?

Why tie up your time looking for DJ's karaoke, host, trivia host & more? Sit back and let us take that off your plate. With our professional staff, we've got you covered.

We keep staff on standby (just in case) because

The Show Must Go On! 

We're Awesome At 

Anniversaries ☻ Bachelorette Parties ☻ Birthday Parties ☻ Celebrations ☻ Christmas Parties

Clubs ☻Weddings☻ Community Events ☻ Corporate Functions ☻ Dinner Dances ☻ Events ☻ Festivals

Fund Raisers ☻ Graduation Parties ☻ Grand Openings

Let's Get Our Dance On!

...Our DJ Bars...

Where Our DJs Bring That Club Flavor Every Time!

Forest Park

* Food *

* Drinks *

* Darts, Billiards, Jenga, Beer Pong *

* Beer patio *

* DJ Starts @ 9pm Thurs, Fri, Sat *

Open Till 2am Fri & Sat *


* Food *

* Drinks *

* Beer Pong *

* Beer Patio *

* DJ Starts @ 9pm Fri & Sat *

* Open Till 2am Fri & Sat *


* Food *

* Drinks *

* Beer Patio *

* DJ Starts @ 9pm Fri & Sat *

Karaoke... We Love To Hear You Sing!

North RiverSide

* Food *

* Drinks *

* Beer Patio *

* Video Poker *

* Karaoke Starts @ 9pm Wed & Sat *

Open Spot for a

NEW Karaoke Bar

Looking For Some Karaoke At Your Bar?

Hit The Message Link And Let's Talk!


* Food *

* Drinks *

* Beer Pong *

* Karaoke Starts @ 9pm Fri & Sat *

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A Few Karaoke Pics

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433 W Harrison St #5409,

SMB 9890


IL 60699


773 828 0170



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